Public Safety


Does the police department offer any kind of crime prevention/reduction service programs to the community?
Yes, programs and services are listed here: – .

How can I obtain crime information about my neighborhood?
You can access up to 30 days of crime information via the Police Public Data Access Information website. If you need information not available on the website, you can also request it through the Division of Police’s Criminal Records Unit by calling (804) 501-4800. In these cases, some fees may apply.

My child is violating the law. As a parent, what action should I take?
Contact the Intake office for the Court Service Unit at (804) 501-4227 to arrange for an appointment to meet with an Intake officer.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency: 9 1 1


Ambulance – Fire – Police

Emergency Services for Mental Health, Developmental Disability & Substance Abuse
Henrico residents (804) 727-8484
Charles City/New Kent residents (804) 966-2496
TDD (804) 727-8484
Senior Connections Intake (804) 343-3000
Victim/Witness Assistance Program (804) 501-1680
Central Virginia Legal Aid (804) 648-1012
Adult Protective Services (804) 501-5003
VA Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline 1 – 800 – 838 – 8238
Metro Richmond Crimestoppers (804) 780-1000
Animal Protection (804) 727-8800
Neighborhood Watch (804) 501-4856
Project Lifesaver (804) 501-5860


Emergency Supply Kit

From Ready.Gov, here is information about an emergency supply kit. Also see the links there for thinking about the needs of those with disabilities, seniors, and even pets.

The Division of Fire has prepared a Community Disaster Preparedness Manual (PDF, 143 kb), which covers many kinds of disasters, including hurricanes, winter storms, and terrorism. The manual includes lists of things to do before and during an emergency, and lists of things you might want to have on hand.

Here is the Spanish version: Manual de Preparacin comunal para casos de desastres (PDF).

Home Safety

Neighborhood Watch
Information on Neighborhood Watch is here, including a start-up packet you can download.

Home security and other crime prevention issues

Crime prevention is a component of the Community Policing Section. This unit provides many programs and services for residents and the business community. If you are a Henrico County, Va. resident and would like additional information about these services and programs, contact Community Policing at (804) 501-4838. For additional information see the Police Division’s Crime Prevention programs and services information under their Services information.

Security Services

Does Security services assist employees or visitors to the Government Center who have problems with their vehicles, such as being locked out, needing a jump-start, etc.?
No, Security services does not provide lock-out or automotive service, but they will call a company to assist if the motorist does not have a telephone available.

Can Security services provide visitors an escort from the building to the parking areas when they are visiting the Government Center at night?
Yes, escorts are available 24 hours a day by calling Security services at (804) 501-4555.


Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to not become a victim. That means that you must have have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it. Contact the Community Policing Section at (804) 501-4838 for more information. Some crime prevention resources also are available online.

Summer Safety Tips
Children’s Safety in the Streets
Moped & Motorized Scooters
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Virginia Department of Emergency Management


Virginia Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-838-8238
Virginia Adult Protective Services 1-888-832-3858
Alzheimers’ Association 1-800-272-3900
Senior Connections Intake (804) 343-3000
Victim/Witness Assistance Program (804) 501-1680
Central Virginia Legal Aid (804) 648-1012
Henrico County Police Non-Emergency (804) 501-5000
Safe Harbor (804) 249-9470
Mental Health’s Emergency Services (804) 727-8484
Dept of Social Services (804) 501-5003
Adult Protective Services (804) 501-5003