Publications S – Z

Schools – Calendars Public Schools
Schools – Crisis Preparedness Flyer (See link on right of page) Public Schools
School Entrance Health Form Health Dept
Schools – Planning Guide for Students & Parents (See links on right of page) Public Schools
Schools – Student Code of Conduct (See link on right of page) Public Schools
Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) Social Services
Spenddown (When your income exceeds maximum income limits) Social Services
Standard Construction Notes & Details Plan Sheet Public Works
Standing Water Policy Public Works
Stormwater Pollutant Removal Requirement Worksheet 3.01 Situation One Public Works
Subpoena, Duces Tecum (DC-336) Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Subpoena, Request for Witness (DC-325) Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Summer Safety Tips Police
Summons, Motion for Show Cause (DC-635) Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Support, Original petition for filing (DC-610) Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Supplier Relations Guide Purchasing
Supplier Relations – Terms & Conditions Purchasing
Surplus Property Sale Calendar General Services
Surplus Property Sale Price List General Services
Syphilis Case Definitions Health Dept

Tax and Tax Relief – some forms Finance
Tax Withholding – Federal (W-4) IRS site
Traffic Calming Brochure Public Works
Trash and Debris Community Maintenance
Trash Collections Public Utilities
Travel Forms Finance-Accounting
Twin Hickory Recreation Center – Facility Reservation Rec & Parks

No “U” publications.

Voter Registration Application Registrar

Walkerton Tavern and Gardens – Facility Reservation Rec & Parks
Warrant in Debt – Civil Claim for Money (DC-412) General District Court
Warrant in Debt – Small Claims Division (DC-402) General District Court
Warrant in Detinue – Small Claims Division (DC-404) General District Court
Water Source Brochure Public Utilities
Water and Sewer Usage Statistics Public Utilities
Watershed / Stream Assessment Worksheets Public Works
Worker’s Compensation Certificate (for Contractor’s Only) Finance-Business

No “X” publications.

No “Y” publications.

Zoning Appeals, Forms Planning
Zoning Ordinance Violations Community Maintenance
Zoning Map Legend GIS Division