Public Works & Utilities

Public Utilities – Water, Sewer

What functions does the Public Utilities Department handle?
Public Utilities is concerned with the drinking water and with the sewer system in the county.


Can I inquire online to get the current balance of my utility bill?
We are sorry, but at this time you will need to call Public Utilities at (804) 501-4517. Online access to the accounts may be possible in the future.


How is the Public Utilities Department funded?
The Public Utilities’ Water and Sewer fund is an enterprise fund, supporting its expenditures with revenues derived from user fees and other financing sources, including debt.


How can I find out where my septic tank is located?
Call the Henrico Public Health Department at (804) 501-4530. You will need your street address, the legal description of the property and the year the house was built.


How do I get my land perked/get a permit for an on-site sewage disposal (septic) system?
Call the Henrico Public Health Department at (804) 501-4530. You will need to submit to the Health Department an application for a Sewage Disposal and/or Water Supply Permit, with applicable fees and a site plan showing property dimensions, proposed location of the house, driveways, wells, etc. There is much more on septic systems at Public Health.

I have questions about wells in Henrico.
Information on wells and groundwater is at Public Health.

Natural Gas

How do I get gas hookup at my residence?
Natural gas service in Henrico County is provided through the City of Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities. You will need to call (804) 644-3000 about getting service to your house and about your natural gas bill.


Electricity, Utility Lines

Whom do I call when my power is out?
You will need to call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-888-667-3000.

How can I find out where my utility lines, such as the electric line, are buried?
You need to call Miss Utility, 1-800-552-7001.


Public Utilities has lots of information on recycling, trash pickup, the landfill, and other solid waste topics.

Road Maintenance and Signs

Which department deals with road maintenance and sewage issues throughout the County?
The Public Works Department, (804) 501-4393, handles road maintenance. The Public Utilities Department, (804) 501-4517, oversees sewage issues.

How can I tell which streets are public and which are private?
In general, public streets throughout the County have green and white street signs, at intersections, indicating the road name.

More frequently asked questions about drainage, roads, signs, and traffic signals are at Public Works.