General County Information & Census

What is the county’s DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) number?
The county’s DUNS number is 07-473-5515

What is the county’s FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)?
The county’s FEIN is 54-6001344

How can I find out if the county is closed today?
For information about General Government office closings due to bad or inclement weather you can check television channels 6, 8 and 12, Comcast’s cable channel 17 or Verizon cable channel 39; or check radio stations 1140 AM, 94.5 FM and 102.1 FM. County holidays include: New Year’s Day, Lee-Jackson Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day & Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.

Whom do I call to get someone from the county to speak to my organization?
Public Relations & Media Services, (804) 501-4257, will be able to help you schedule a county representative to talk to your group or club.

How can I arrange to interview a particular county official?
You should call Public Relations & Media Services, 804-501-4257, which can arrange interviews with the appropriate contact person.

Does the county work with other localities in the region, on regional projects?
The county belongs to several regional boards and commissions, including the Capital Region Airport Commission (CRAC), chambers of commerce, Virginia Performing Arts Foundation, Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), The Diamond, Greater Richmond Convention Center, Maymont Foundation, Richmond International Airport (RIC) and Richmond International Raceway (RIR).

Does the county have a county government telephone directory that is available to the public?
Yes; please call Public Relations & Media Services at (804) 501-4257.

How can I find out the census tract number for a particular property?
You need to call the Comprehensive Division at (804) 501-4602.

How does Henrico County’s overall tax burden compare to that of other large, full-service, local governments in the state of Virginia?
Henrico County’s overall local tax burden is considered the lowest of the thirteen largest local governments in the state of Virginia. This is demonstrated through an independent tax analysis performed every year by the city of Chesapeake.

Where can I get a copy of the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report?
You may obtain a copy online at Department of Finance website. Copies are also available at all county libraries. Or you may request a copy be mailed to you by calling (804) 501-4558.

How can I get the names of the Henrico County Board of Supervisors and contact information for them?
You will find information on the Board of Supervisors, including names and contact information, at

How can I locate magisterial district boundary lines?
Detailed magisterial (voting) district maps in PDF form are available at Also, by inputting an address on the Registrar’s website, you can determine your district.

How can I get a list of Henrico appointees to County and regional organizations?
To get the complete list of County and Regional Boards and Commissions which Henrico County has appointees, please go to . If you need further information about a particular Board or Commission, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (804) 501-4318.

How can I get information on meetings and locations of Henrico Boards and Commissions?
Please go to If you need further information about a particular Board or Commission, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (804) 501-4318.

Laws & Codes

Where can I find the Code of Virginia and the Henrico County Code on the Internet?
The full and searchable text of the Code of Virginia is available on the website maintained by the General Assembly of Virginia.

The full text of the Henrico County Code is available here: Henrico County Code.

What is the noise ordinance and how do I get it enforced?
The County’s Noise Ordinance is found in Chapter 10 of the Henrico County Code. The ordinance prohibits “unreasonably loud, disturbing, and unnecessary noise” and gives several examples. It does not guarantee that citizens will not be disturbed by noise from time to time.

To try to get the ordinance enforced, call the Police Non-emergency number at (804) 501-5000. However, if the police do not observe the problem, you may need to provide a county magistrate evidence of the problem. More information can be found in the Division of Police’s Community Resource Guide (PDF).

Can I get the name of the person who complained that I am violating the Henrico County Code?
Henrico County enforces the county code on both complaint basis and on a proactive basis as inspectors observe violations. When violation allegations are received or violations observed, the county investigates the complaint and requests voluntary compliance if a violation exists.

Violations of the Henrico County Code are criminal acts classified as misdemeanors. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act permits government bodies to exempt from disclosure information concerning the identity of complainants in a criminal investigation. The county does not release the names of complainants.