SMART Lawns Fertilizer Calculator


SMART Lawns are beautiful because they are healthy, green up more quickly in the spring, and make the best use of two valuable resources – your time and money.  They are also environmentally responsible and protect your neighborhood streams, lakes, ponds, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

When you join the SMART Lawns Program, a Master Gardener will come to your home to collect a lawn soil sample and to measure your total lawn area.  After processing, you will receive a SMART Lawn Guide and a lime & fertilizer plan for your lawn.  You will learn how and when to aerate, how to choose the right fertilizer and when to apply it, and maintenance practices that prevent trouble.

Let us help you get started toward a beautiful, healthy lawn today. It’s the SMART thing to do and enrollment is easy!

We are still accepting applications!  Plans completed now can be applied in 2015.

  1. Complete the 2015 SMART Lawns Enrollment Form.
  2. Attach a check for $20 made payable to: Henrico Master Gardener Fund. (Includes one free soil test for one area of your lawn; for additional lawn areas, add $12.00 per soil sample).
  3. Provide a survey plat sheet of your property.
  4. Mail or hand-deliver your enrollment form, check, and survey plat sheet to:

          Henrico Extension Office
          8600 Dixon Powers Drive
          (Human Services Building, 2nd Floor)
          P. O. Box 90775
          Henrico, VA 23273-0775


DON’T DELAY!  Depending upon the current condition of your lawn, converting to a SMART Lawn may require some planning.  Enrollment begins in April and ends in September.


Is your lawn SMART?


SMART Lawns Handouts (PDF format)



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