“It is humanity at its best.”
Judge Gary A. Hicks, Henrico County Circuit Court

“One of the most challenging tasks for foster and adoptive families involves understanding birth family issues knowing how to talk with children about their families and being able to support their family relationships. This includes making sure that children are not torn between their biological family and their foster or adoptive family.”
Riva O’Sullivan, LCSW Foster Care Supervisor


“The mission of our program is to find families for children that need them, not children for families that want them.”
(from PRIDE training)


“Once you come into our family, you’re family.”
Raiford Beasley, Henrico Resource Parent


“People are always asking me why, and I say because you know I have the time, and the energy, and children need love, and if you’ve got love, you might be the person to save the child whose gonna be the next president. That’s my philosophy, always shoot for the moon.”
Marie Beasley, Henrico Resource Parent


“We want good foster parents… basically we want folks who have room in their hearts and in their homes, to really be able to take in another child and treat them like they would their own children, make them a member of their family.”
Jim Carey, Henrico Foster Care Supervisor


“For someone to open up their home to a strange child with issues and try to help them out, that’s, you know, that’s… I don’t even know the word for it. I mean really, it’s really miraculous that there are people out there in the world that are there to help other people and you know, other kids.”
Tamara Childress, raised in Henrico Foster Care


“My first foster family, I still consider them my family. We still talk on a regular basis even though I don’t live with them.”
Will Keck, raised in Henrico Foster Care


The Top 10 Reasons to Foster a Teen!

  1. No diapers! No formula! No burp cloths!
  2. Teens can help out around the house
  3. They can do their own laundry!
  4. Teenagers can show you how to use your cell phone AND your computer.
  5. They can keep you up on the latest trends and fashion.
  6. They sleep through the night, and sometimes into the day.
  7. Teens are great teachers and learners.
  8. They will move out sooner, but can always come home.
  9. You get a friend, not just a child.
  10. Everyone needs someone to share moments and memories with.

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