What We Believe…

Our Vision

To be a model community corrections agency promoting motivation and change.

Our Mission

To enhance public safety through assessments and community supervision guided by best practices.

Our Principles

  • We believe all individuals should be treated ethically, with dignity, courtesy, equality, and respect.
  • We believe in open and effective communication.
  • We believe in and encourage the unique skills and strengths of all team members.
  • We believe in the capacity for positive change.
  • We believe in being responsive to client, court, and community needs and inquiries.
  • We believe in advocating for client rights and promoting their self-determination and accountability.
  • We believe in the responsibility to promote and present a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of clients.
  • We believe in staff accountability and professionalism in carrying out our standard operating procedures and evidence-based practices.
  • We believe in professional development and providing staff with the tools necessary to carry out their job functions.
  • We believe in client assessments and appropriate referrals based on identified needs.
  • We believe in stakeholder involvement and educating the public.
  • We believe in evaluating program effectiveness.

Meet the Team

Name Title Phone Number Email
Jasmine Albert County Probation Officer 501-5189 alb53@co.henrico.va.us
Shannon Anderson Pretrial Services Officer 501-4125 and96@co.henrico.va.us
Steven Becker County Probation Officer 501-5185 bec02@co.henrico.va.us
Tiffany Cutts Pretrial Services Investigator 501-4119 cut10@co.henrico.va.us
Stacy Davis Pretrial Services Officer 501-5813 dav03@co.henrico.va.us
Jennifer Dennis Pretrial Services Officer 222-8194 ext. 3062 den06@co.henrico.va.us
Elda Flores County Probation Officer 501-4128 flo26@co.henrico.va.us
Jane Hardell Director 501-5180 har27@co.henrico.va.us
Caretha Jennings Pretrial Services Officer 501-4123 jen66@co.henrico.va.us
Shelby Johnson Probation Services Supervisor 501-4122 joh40@co.henrico.va.us
Kathy Lineker County Probation Officer 282-4770 ext. 240 lin33@co.henrico.va.us
Jennifer MacArthur Probation Services Supervisor & Community Services Coordinator 501-4124 mac57@co.henrico.va.us
Carolynn Melton Office Assistant III 501-5245 mel03@co.henrico.va.us
Trudy Montagnoli County Probation Officer 222-8194 ext. 3063 mon20@co.henrico.va.us
Laura Nagy Pretrial Services Supervisor 501-5187 nag05@co.henrico.va.us
Robyn Puryear Senior Pretrial Services Officer 501-4127 pur01@co.henrico.va.us
Dionne Robinson Technology Support Technician I 501-5582 rob21@co.henrico.va.us
Francesca Rodriguez Restitution Assistant 501-7381 rod56@co.henrico.va.us
Keith Sawyer County Probation Officer 501-5190 saw11@co.henrico.va.us
Michelle Short Office Assistant III 501-4133 sho02@co.henrico.va.us
Elizabeth Underwood County Probation Officer 282-4770 ext. 228 und@co.henrico.va.us
Tiffany Vincelette Pretrial Services Officer 501-5186 vin@co.henrico.va.us

Where are We?

Main Office

Human Services Building
8600 Dixon Powers Drive
Richmond, VA 23228

Satellite Locations
located in Henrico Mental Health Offices

2010 Bremo Road Suite 122
Richmond, VA 23226

4825 S. Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23231