Department of Building Construction and Inspections

County of Henrico, Virginia

TO: Residential Contractors and Permit Holders

FROM: Building Official

SUBJECT: Brick Veneer Flashing and Ties

DATE: May 7, 2007

Section R703.8 of the International Residential Code (IRC) requires approved corrosion-resistive flashing to extend to the surface of the exterior wall finish. This includes flashing at the weep hole level below the wood framing, above all brick veneer openings such as doors and windows, and at wall and roof intersections. Section R703.7.4 of the IRC requires masonry veneer to be anchored to wood frame construction with minimum 22 gauge corrosion resistant metal ties using 8d corrosion resistant nails. Roofing nails are not considered equivalent to this fastener requirement and are prohibited for the installation of the metal ties. Section R703.7.4.1 of the IRC requires metal ties around all openings greater than 16″ to be spaced not more than 3′ on center and placed within 12″ of the wall opening.

The enclosed Brick Industry Association’s Technical Notes on Brick Construction 7 published on December 2005 entitled “Water Penetration Resistance – Design and Detailing” provides detailed illustrations for complying with these code provisions. Copies of this document can also be viewed or downloaded from the BIA website at

Effective June 1, 2007, these provisions of the IRC will be enforced using the following inspection procedures:

1. All brick veneer flashing shall be extended to the outside face of the brick wall so that it is visible to the building inspector at the time of the final building inspection. This includes the weep hole flashing and all head flashing at door and window openings. End dam flashing or other approved flashing is required above all openings.

2. The location and attachment of brick veneer ties will be periodically spot-checked by building inspectors since they are not visible during any other required inspection.

Please call Senior Building Inspector, Richard Moore or Senior Plans Review Engineer, George Robbins at 501-4360 if you have any questions regarding the proper installation or inspection of brick veneers.


Gregory H. Revels
Building Official