Department of Building Construction and Inspections

County of Henrico, Virginia

TO: All Residential Plan Reviewers and Building Inspectors

FROM: Charles Jones & Richard Moore

RE: REScheck Calculations

DATE: October 8, 2010

REScheck calculations may be submitted for all residential construction including new homes, additions and townhouses. After learning the major functions and special features of this energy compliance alternative, it was determined that we should have an office policy regarding plan re-submittals that include a REScheck calculation form.

Listed below is our office policy regarding plan review and inspection of energy conservation features within residential dwellings installed in compliance with an approved REScheck calculation.

  • Plan re-submittals that include a REScheck calculation form are subject to the $25 re-review fee as required for the third plan review because of plans deficiencies or building permit amendments.
  • All REScheck calculations shall be submitted and approved by a plan reviewer before the insulation inspection. The plan reviewer will highlight all deviations from IRC code prescriptive requirements.
  • The REScheck form must be accompanied by the county approved plans when there are partial energy envelope deviations from the prescriptive requirements of the IRC code. The location of all partial deviations shall be noted on the floor plans or building elevations. Example: (5) windows installed with a U-value of .40 and (8) windows installed with a U-value of .35.

All REScheck calculations submitted shall include:

  1. The edition of REScheck used by the designer.
  2. Building location.
  3. Pass/Fail status.
  4. All deviations from IRC prescriptive requirements must be noted.
  5. R-30/R-38 attic insulation alternative offered by the IRC code does not apply. All roof insulation square footage and R-value must be listed on the calculation sheet.
  6. The U-value exemption offered by the IRC code for a window and/or door does not apply. All doors and windows must be listed on the calculation sheet.
  7. The type, thickness and location of any spray-on insulation shall be noted.
  8. Signature of designer.

Inspector responsibilities:

  1. Verify all deviations from the IRC code noted on the approved REScheck form.
  2. Document the predominant U-value of fenestration items (doors and windows).
  3. Encourage fenestration labels be left on the unit until the insulation inspection.


The REScheck requirements and two-story house example are detailed below.  For questions about the documents shown , please contact Matt Lowry at 501-7330.

Drawing requirements to accompany the REScheck Compliance Certificate (.pdf)

(“Typical REScheck Example Using IRC 2006 or IECC 2006″)
The drawing is also an example for a two-story house scenario.

Requirements for the REScheck Compliance Certificate (.pdf)
The certificate is also an example for a two-story house scenario.

Typical REScheck Example for Townhouses Using IRC2006 or IECC 2006 (.pdf)


Typical REScheck Example for Additions Using IRC2006 or IECC 2006 (.pdf)


If you can not view the documents marked (.pdf), download Adobe Reader free at