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Helpful Tip: These files are large and contain many pages.  After you open the file in Adobe Reader, you can use Adobe to search for the page(s) you need.  There are different versions of Adobe Reader, but the instructions should be similar.

If you need to install Adobe Reader, go to Adobe’s web site.

Click on one of the links above to open the file in Adobe Reader
On the top of the page, click Edit, then Find.
In the box, type the permit number, street name, building name, or any information you may have.
Press the enter key on your keyboard or click the right arrow or next button.
This will bring you to the first instance of what you searched for; clicking the right arrow or next again will bring you to the next one.
When you see the page you need, click File, then click Print (or click the printer icon).
You can then click the round circle in front of “Current Page” then click the Print button.  This will print only the page you are currently viewing.

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