The current state levy is 2%.

All applications & forms on this page are in PDF format. If you can not view the forms, download Adobe Reader free at If you need any of the above forms faxed to you, please call Building Inspections at 804/501-4360.


Permit Applications

Amusement Device/Attraction

Commercial Building (8-1/2″ x 14″)


(includes elevator, fire alarm & fire suppression)


Residential Building (8-1/2″ x 14″)



Permit Forms – to be filled out with specific applications – see explanations

Affidavit For Alterations To Existing Building
(required to be completed with a permit application for a residential demolition or a commercial demolition, alteration or repair)

Demolition Certification
(required to be completed with a permit application for a demolition)

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
(required to be completed with a permit application for any residential building except interior only alterations/repairs)

Owner’s Affidavit
(required to be completed when a licensed contractor is not required to perform or supervise the work covered by the permit)


Other Applications & Forms

Change of Use / CO Reissue

Issuance or Renewal of Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Modification Request Form

Request For Information Relative to Public Records

Residential Footing & Foundation Permit

Residential Building Request for Pemit Extension

Response to Plan Review Comments – Commercial

Response to Plan Review Comments – Residential

Resubmittal Form – Commercial

Resubmittal Form – Residential

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