Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

We are dedicated to providing our citizens responsible government, characterized by integrity and accountability. We are committed to eliminating fraud, waste and abuse and maintaining a highly ethical environment. Internal Audit is committed to improve accountability within General Government that includes investigating allegations of fraud, waste and abuse in Henrico County General Goverment.

Fraud, waste and abuse include, but not limited to (Personnel Rules, Section 14):

  • Neglect of duty – Noncompliance with applicable rules, laws and regulations; misuse or abuse of time during work hours.
  • Misuse of County Property – Negligence in the care and handling of County property, unauthorized or inappropriate use of County property or equipment, intentional abuse or destruction of County property, theft of County property, or of another employee’s property.
  • Falsification of Information – Falsification of personnel records, time records, or any other County and employee record or report.

If you have information related to suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in County of Henrico General Government operations, please report it to Internal Audit immediately. You may contact Internal Audit on the Reporting Form link below: —-You may remain anonymous.


Before making an allegation of fraud, waste or abuse, be reasonably certain of any claims. False allegations can have serious and negative impacts. They can also damage reputations. We believe that our responsibility for integrity, credibility and sensitivity to employee and citizen needs is a key asset.

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