The Board of Supervisors established the Internal Audit function in 1978 as an independent appraisal activity to examine and evaluate County operations as a service to the Board and management. The function was part of the Finance Department until 1986 when a separate Agency was established with 2 positions.

A third position was added in 1987. The Auditor position was retitled to Auditor I and a new Auditor II classification established with 2 positions in 1992. In 1993, the Bingo Auditor was temporarily assigned to the Office from the Finance Department. The Bingo Auditor was transferred to the Police Division in 1994.

Also in 1994, an Office Assistant II Part-time position was added to the Office but never filled. The position was abolished/deleted from the complement as part of the County Manager’s Rightsizing Directive in 1996. During February 1999, the two Auditor II positions were promoted to a new classification of Senior Auditor.

In 1999, the County Manager recommended and the Board of Supervisors approved a new position of Information Technology Senior Auditor starting in FY2000. In 2002, the Senior Auditor positions had a title change to Auditor III. The current Office has 4 total positions, with no support Staff.

Directors of Internal Audit


John A. Spooner

10/1/79 to 2/2/88

Garland A. Adkins, Jr.

2/17/88 to 11/14/90

Gary L. Martin

1/16/91 to 4/30/09

Vaughan G. Crawley

6/8/09 to present


Chinese Delegation Visit

Internal Audit welcomed a Chinese Audit Delegation on July 11, 2002.

Internal Auditor Week

The Commonwealth of Virginia and other localities recognized the week of May 23 – 29, 2004 as Internal Auditor Week.
View Henrico Proclamation (PDF)
View State Proclamation (PDF)

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