Our Mission

Improve accountability within General Government.

Office Goals:

  1. Review for proper safeguarding of General Government assets.
  2. Examine for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Audit for reliability and integrity of County information.
  4. Evaluate for effective and efficient operations.

Office Objectives:

  1. Conduct scheduled Internal Audits to evaluate controls, note commendable practices and recommend workable improvements; assist with External Audit of Independent Auditor.
  2. Audit Special Projects for corrective actions as required.
  3. Follow Up on prior Audits to determine complete, monitored and effective implementation of agreed upon recommendations.
  4. Advise and consult with County Management for improvements in operating efficiencies, effectiveness and results.
  5. Administer Office activities for continuous training and skills development, excellent quality and adherence to independence with integrity; staff Audit Committee.

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