What We Do

The Permit Center has been designed to enhance our customer service to you by providing services at one central location. We have introduced new technology so we can better serve you when you are applying for Building Permits. Geographic Information System (GIS) will enhance staff’s ability to research information you are seeking for Building Inspection, Planning, Public Utilities and Public Works. If you need copies of maps, GIS allows staff to print maps in color or black and white while you wait. For your convenience within the center, we have also added Public Access Stations to view and print black and white county maps quickly and within a minimum amount of time.

About the Director

Lee Tyson, AICP

Lee Tyson, Director of the Department of Community Development, has nearly 20 years of local government planning and land use experience. Prior to becoming the Director of Community Development in 2007, Lee was with the Henrico County Planning Department in both the Comprehensive Planning Division and the Division of Code Enforcement. He is also the former Director of Planning for New Kent County and a former staff planner with the City of Richmond. Lee is also a former local government planning liaison with the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, with a concentration in State and Local Government, from VCU.

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